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                   RACKMOUNT KEYBOARD  DRAWER / KVM SWITCH / KVM Extender  :  
                                                       Part #  LCDK1011

                                               This model is discontinued, refer to LCDK1021

  KVM 16 Port : 1U Rackmount Single User KVM 16 port PS/2 Switch  with 16 x 6-ft PS2 KVM cables included
LCDK1011 is a 1U Rackmount single user ( single console ) PS/2 KVM 16 port switch with adjustable brackets , On Screen Display control (OSD control )  and hotkey command to provide effective control to multiple PCs.


  Support multiple keyboard languages.
  LED Display for easy status monitoring.
  Buzzer sound for switching port confirmation.
  Keyboard status restored when switching PCs.
  Provide Console PS/2 to PC serial mouse conversion
  Using Standard PS/2 Keyboard, VGA, PS/2 Mouse cable.
  No Dipswitch setting needed and auto detect cascade bank
  Built-in one extra daisy chain port and no waste any PC port.
  Very High Video Quality - Up To 1920X1440, Bandwidth: 200MHz
  Support eight characters password protection and search PC server name.
  Support Microsoft IntelliMouse , Microsoft IntelliMouse  Explorer, Logitech Net Mouse or the other
    fully compatible MS mouse. 
  Support DOS, Win3.X, Win95/98/98SE/2000/ME, WinNT, Netware, Unix, Linux
  Hot Plug - Add PCs or Remove Connected PCs for Maintenance without powering down the PS/2
   KVM switch or PCs.
  No Software Required - easy PC selection via On Screen Display Manual, Push Buttons, Hot Keys.
  Auto Scan Mode for monitoring PCs and flexible Scan time from 5~99 seconds.

Rear View  :


Item Specification
KVM Channel Port KVM 16 port
KVM Channel Interface HDDB 15 pin
PC Computer Interface PS/2 Keyboard: Mini Din 6 pin Female
PS/2 Mouse: Mini Din 6 pin Female
VGA : HDDB 15pin Female
Cascade Port Connector PS/2 Keyboard: Mini Din 6 pin Female
PS/2 Mouse: Mini Din 6 pin Female
VGA: HDDB 15pin Female
KVM Cable Connection 3-in-one HDDB 15-pin PS2 KVM Cable ( standard  6-ft, optional 10-ft, 15-ft, 33-ft )
PC selection On Screen Display, Hot Key & Push Button
LED 1 Bank LED
4 / 8 / 16 Online LED (Green) & Selected LED (Red)
On Screen Display Control Yes
Scan Mode Intervals 5~99 Sec.
VGA Resolution Up to 1,920X1,440
Bandwidth 200MHz
Cascade MAX. Level 8 levels with addition 112 PCs connection
Housing Metal
Power Adapter DC 12V 1A
Operation Temperature 0~50 ℃
Storage Temperature -5 ~ 60 ℃
Humidity 0~90%, Non-Condensing
Shock 50G peak acceleration (11ms, half-sine wave)
Vibration 58~100Hz / 0.98G (11ms / cycle)
Product Dimension 443 W x 44H x 180D mm
Net Weight 4 Kg 

Special Notes -

LCDK1011 KVM 16 port Switch is using standard PS/2 type keyboard and mouse and D-sub 15pin VGA for
       connection. If you need to connect a Sun server to this KVM switch, you will need a separate
       SUN / iMAC  USB to PS/2 converter kit LCD-A1001 (click here to see details of LCD-A1001).

****3-in-One PS/2 KVM cables has optional length of 6-ft , 10-ft , 15-ft & 33-ft. (click here to
       see details of PS/2 KVM cables)

Ordering  information 

Part Number  Description
LCDK1011  1U Rackmount Single user  KVM 16 port  PS/2 Switch with 16 x 6-ft PS2 KVM
  cables (
LCD-A1004 ) included
LCD-A1001  SUN / iMAC  USB to PS/2 adapter
LCD-A1004   6 ft 3 in 1 PS/2 KVM  cable
LCD-A1005  10 ft 3 in 1 PS/2 KVM  cable
LCD-A1006  15 ft 3 in 1 PS/2 KVM  cable
LCD-A1007  33 ft 3 in 1 PS/2 KVM  cable




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