Rackmount Cabinet /
    Server Rack

     Server Rack Cabinet
     Sound Proof Cabinet
     Shock Mount Server Rack
    Aluminum Frame Rack-
      4 Post Rack

    Steel Frame Rack -
      2 Post Rack & 4 Post Rack

    Open Server Rack /
      Relay Rack / Telco Rack /
      2 Post Rack

     Rack PDU     
    Wall mount Cabinet
Server Rack Accessories
     Blank Panels
     Bracket Support
     Cable Management

     Rack Cooling Fan
     KVM switch
     Rack Drawer
     Rack Keyboard Drawer
     Monitor Enclosure
     Rack LCD / KVM
     Rack Speaker
     Power Strips
     Rack Rails
     Rack Shelf
     Screw Bags
     Rack Display Mounting

     Wall Mount Accessories
     Environmental Control
      Management / Sensors

     Intelligent Cabinet Door
      Lock Handle / Smart Card

     Patch panel

Rackmount LCD/ KVM
Rackmount LCD Monitor
Rackmount Keyboard /
   Rackmount KVM Switch

Industrial LCD Display
Panel PC
2 Post Relay Rack
   LCD Keyboard

Rackmount Server
Raid Storage
Rack PDU

Wall Mount Cabinet /
   Wall Mount Computer

Embedded Computer
Industrial Computer
Single Board Computer
Power Supply
Server Case
PC / Raid Tower
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19" Server Cabinet

Inside Dimension :
Height = 38U ( 67" ) 
Depth  =
32.25" (Self-tapping type) / 32.75" (Square type,Optional)
Width  = 19"

Overall Dimension : 23.60"(w) x 36"(d) x 76"(h)

Cabinet frame of extrude aluminum sections front and clear door, side panels, top, bottom plates and plinth of sheet metal
Package Content
 - Die-cast heavy duty aluminum post frame
 - Plexiglass front door W/lock
 - Heavy duty sheet metal side and rear doors W/lock
 - Top and bottom panels W/cable access hole
 -  Full size mounting strips front and rear
 -  3 of 12cm fans (115CFM each) on top
 -  4 heavy duty wheels
 -  4 leveling feet
 -  50 pcs M6 bolt screws W/washer
 -  Grounding wires
- Good air ventilation
- You could increase to total 8 fans
-  All doors design with the spring latch, easy remove, tool less
-  Water or dust resist from top
-  Easy assemble

Price : $1270.35                               

 Specification :
  • Overall:
    * Width: 23.6"
    * depth: 36"
    * Height: 76"
  • Interior:
    * Width: Hole to Hole (center) = 19" (18.25")
    * Entrance (right rail to left rail): 17 5/8"
    * Depth of front railing to rear door: Self-tapping type = 32.25" Square type = 32.75"
    * Useable height: 67"
    * Max. length of sliding rail's brackets: Self-tapping type = 27.75" Square type = 29 5/8"
    -  Maximum depth of equipment allows: 30"
    -  Weight capacity: 1760 lbs
    -  Material: panel made with 1.0mm steel, rails made with 2.0mm steel
    -  Made with EIA standard

  • Optional Accessories
      Air Filters    Rack Mount LCD Monitors ( No Keyboard & KVM )
      Blank Panels    Rack Mount LCD Monitor Keyboard Optional KVM
      Bracket Supports    Rack Power Distribution Unit / Rackmount PDU
      Cable Management    Rack Mount Rails
      KVM Switches    Rack Mount Shelves
      Rack Mount Cooling Fans    Rack Mount Speakers
      Rack Display Mounting Brackets    Power Strips
      Rack Mount Drawers    Screw Bags
      Rack Mount Keyboard Drawers (No Monitor & KVM)    Vertical Mounting Rail
      Intelligent Cabinet Door Lock handle    Environmental Control Management
      Rack Lights    Patch panel

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