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Wall Mount Computer / LCD

Part Number Dimension Exposed Bays Internal Bays Power Supply
431(W) x 222(H) x 557(D) mm /

(17.0" x 8.7" x 21.9")

None   2x 3.5" HDD &
1x Slim FDD &
1x Slim CD-ROM
PS/2 size single 400~1000W ATX or Mini Redundant 400~600W ATX P/S (Optional)
350(W) x 177(H) x 421(D) mm /

(13.8" x 7" x 16.6")

2x5.25" 1x3.5" 1 x3.5" PS/2 Size Single 250~400W or Redundant 230~400W P/S(Rear Installation) Max. Depth 190mm (Optional)
400(W) x 177(H) x 420(D) mm /

(15.7" x 7" x 16.5")

2x5.25"  2x3.5" 1x3.5" PS/2 Size Single up to 400W or Redundant up to 300W ATX P/S (Rear Installation) Max. Depth 190mm (Optional)
110(W) x 267(H) x 451(D) mm /

(4.33" x 10.5" x 17.8")

 1x3.5"  1x3.5" Special Size 150W P/S (Rear Installation) Depth 190mm (Optional)

220(W) x 266(H) x 451(D) mm /

(8.7" x 10.5" x 17.8")

1x5.25"  1x3.5" 1x3.5" (Rear Chassis Installation) PS/2 size single 250~400W ATX or Mini Redundant 230~250W ATX P/S (Optional)







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