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Part #  LCDK1019

                                                           CAT5 PS/2 KVM Extender

LCDK1019 / CV-101 CAT.5 KVM Extender includes a transmitter-receiver (101-T/101-R) pair that enables you to locate a PC in a clean, secure area and access the PC from any convenient, remote location. The remote user (keyboard, monitor, and mouse), connected to the receiver, can be up to 500 feet from the PC using Category 5 UPT cable. In addition to the remote user, a local user (keyboard, monitor, and mouse) can be connected to the transmitter. Similarly, LCDK1019/ CV-101 can be used to extend distances between KVM switches, user consoles, and connected computers.             



    Features :
•  Allows remote access of up to 500 feet away via CAT. 5,
   CAT.5e, CAT. 6 UTP cables
•  Dual console operation - control your system from either
   the local or remote keyboards, mice, and monitors
•  Additional dual version features
  - Fully automatic KVM sharing on first-come
      first serve basis
  - Displays video to both local/remote side simultaneously
•  Compact desktop size
•  Plug-n-Play - no software installation
•  High video resolution - up to 1,600 x 1,200
•  Compatible with Sun® Solaris™ (with optional LCD-A1001
   ), Microsoft®, Windows®, Linux®, Unix® and Netware®.
   Package Content :
- 101-T transmitter x 1 
- 101-R receiver x 1
- CA-2 3-in-1 2 feet cable (To PC) x 1
- DC9V Power adapter (500mA) x 1
- Optional :LCD-A1001 (PS/2 to USB adapter)


General Application

Before installation, it is recommended to turn off all of peripherals and computers and follow the easy procedures to install the unit:

Before connecting to the PC, make sure that the PC is powered off.


Connect 101-T transmitter to PC, using included CA-2 3-in cable.


Connect 101-T transmitter to 101-R receiver using standard Category 5 cable with RJ-45 connectors up to 500 feet in length (resolutions up to 1,280 x 1,024) or 100 feet in length (resolutions up to 1,600 x 1,200)


Plug the DC adapter into the 101-R receiver.


Plug a keyboard, VGA monitor, and PS/2 mouse into 101-R receiver (and 101-T transmitter if desired)


Power in the PC and VGA monitor and operate.

       Advanced Application

Ordering  information 
Part Number  Description
 LCDK1019  CAT5 PS/2 KVM Extender



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