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                                     Part #  LCDK1023

          1U Rackmount  2 User 16-port USB KVM Switch ( 2 Consoles, Local & Remote) 


                                             -Server Management extendable up to 500 feet away from KVM switch

LCDK1023 / CV-S1602 is a 1U Rackmount 2 User ( 2 consoles, local & remote )  16-port USB  KVM switch. It enhances the
function of standard Single user USB KVM with two simultaneous users when one of them is sitting 500-feet away in
maximum from the KVM switch. The two consoles USB KVM switch can be configured for either 8 or 16 ports.

LCDK1023 / CV-S1602  supports various  VGA monitor types and USB keyboard, USB mouse peripherals. Cables of 
LCDK1023 / CV-S1602 connecting to servers are with high compatibility while  STP / UTP cable is used to connect local
switch to remote console.. Native support SUN 1152 x 900 and support Solaris multi-language




Multi-platform - Mix PCs, SUN Microsystems, IBM compatibles, HP, Compaq and Dell.
Hot Pluggable - Add PCs or remove connected PCs for maintenance without powering down the USB KVM switch or PCs.
No S/W required - Easy PC selection via on screen display manual, push buttons and hot-key.
Native support SUN 1152 x 900
Support Solaris multi-language
.Support one CAT.5 remote console up to 500 feet away from KVM switch.
.Built-in microprocessor emulation for each port boots up process.
.High video quality with up to 1,920 x 1,440 and 200MHz bandwidth.
.Name servers up to 16 characters long.
.Scan mode with Monitor servers at intervals 5 to 99 seconds.
.Support eight characters password protection and search PC server name.
.VGA and USB two-in-one by 15pin HDDB connector at KVM side.
.Cascade for use up to 128 servers.

Rear View Diagram  :




Local Console

CAT.5 Remote Console

PC port



PC Port interface

HDDB 15 pin


PC Computer Interface

USB port: Type A Female

USB port: Type A Female

VGA : HDDB 15pin Female

VGA : HDDB 15pin Female

KVM Cable Connection

2-in-one HDDB 15-pin KVM Cable
(optional length of 6-ft / 10-ft / 15-ft )


PC Selection

On screen display menu, Hot key, Push button


1 Bank LED

1 Power LED


16 Online LED (Green)

1 Status LED (Red)

  16 Selected LED (Green)  

On screen display control


Scan intervals

5-99 seconds

Keyboard and mouse emulation


VGA resolution (Max.)

1920 x 1440

1600 x 1200

CAT.5 cable length (Max.)


500 feet




Cascade Level (Max.)

8 Levels



Power Adapter

DC 12V 1A

DC 9V 500mA

Operation Temperature

0~40 ℃


0~80%, Non-Condensing

Special Notes -

3-in-One USB KVM cable has optional length of 6-ft , 10-ft & 15-ft  (click here to see details of USB KVM cables).

Ordering  information 

Part Number  Description
LCDK1023  1U Rackmount 2 User 16-port USB KVM Switch (2 Consoles, Local & Remote) without cable
LCD-A1014  6 ft 3 in 1 USB KVM  cable
LCD-A1015  10 ft 3 in 1 USB KVM  cable
LCD-A1016  15 ft 3 in 1 USB KVM  cable



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