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Server Rack Cabinet
   Cost-Effective Server

   Premium Server Rack
   Small Server Rack /
     Portable Server Rack /
     Desktop Server Rack

   Wall Mount Rack /
      Wall mounted Cabinets
   Open 4 Post Server Rack

   Colocation Rack
   PDU Rack
   Air Conditioned Server

   Cisco Switch Rack
   Seismic Server Rack

   Extra Wide Computer Rack
   EMI RFI Shielded Server

Sound Proof Cabinet
Shock Mount Server Rack
Aluminum Frame Rack-
  2 Post & 4 Post Rack

Steel Frame Rack -
  2 Post Rack & 4 Post Rack

Open Server Rack /
  Relay Rack / Telco Rack /
  2 Post Rack

Rack PDU
Wall mount Cabinet
Wall mount Rack  

Server Rack Accessories
   Blank Panels
   Bracket Support
   Cable Management
   Rack Cooling Fan
   KVM switch
   Rack Drawer
   Rack Keyboard Drawer
   Monitor Enclosure
   Rack LCD / KVM
   Rack Speaker
   Power Strips
   Rack Rails
   Rack Shelf
   Rack Lights
   Screw Bags
   Rack Display Mounting

   Wall Mount Accessories
   Environmental Control
    Management / Sensors

   Intelligent Cabinet Door
    Lock Handle / Smart Card

   Patch panel

Rackmount LCD/ KVM
Rackmount LCD Monitor
Rackmount Keyboard /
   Rackmount KVM Switch

Industrial LCD Display
Panel PC
2 Post Relay Rack
   LCD Keyboard

Rackmount Chassis
Rackmount Server
Raid Storage
Rack PDU

Wall Mount Cabinet /
   Wall Mount Computer

Embedded Computer
Industrial Computer
Single Board Computer
Power Supply
Server Case
PC / Raid Tower
OEM Projects

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Air Conditioned Server Rack

The Air Conditioned Server Rack Cabinets are designed to completely control internal temperature of the cabinets which located in environments with insufficient air flow or air-conditioning or environments that are dirty or dusty like warehouses or production floor etc.

These help to protect your sensitive electronic equipments from burning.

Contact us for details or questions at 888-865-6888 or email to

  • Over 112 Air -conditioned Enclosure sizes
  • Air Conditioned Enclosures are available in side mount, rack mount and top mounted configurations and are configured in a variety of different Cabinet Heights and Depths
  • Rack-mounted AC Sizes include 4K BTU (115v or 230v) and 9K BTU (230v)
  • Side-mounted AC Sizes include 8K BTU, 12K BTU (115v or 230v) and 19K BTU (230v)
  • Top- Mounted AC Sizes include 8K BTU (230V)
  • Side mounted Air Conditioners are shipped separately; the Rack and Top Mounted Air Conditioners are shipped fully assembled.
  • Earth Friendly Refrigerant
  • Mechanical Thermostat located behind the filter on Rackmount and Top mount versions and on side of AC unit of Side Mount versions
  • LED Temperature Display on Front Door Displaying in ‘F’ Degrees (‘C’ Degrees available on special order)
  • Ducting Boot Kits available for all Air Conditioner sizes for ducting exhaust air to plenum or other area.
  • Cleanable, reusable aluminum mesh filter
  • Includes Malfunction Switch for use with a variety of customer provided alarms
  • Every unit tested prior to shipping
  • Textured powder coat finish
  • Multiple color options
  • Fully sealed enclosure assembly; closed loop air conditioned cooling.
  • Square hole mounting rails on standard EIA 310 rackmount pattern for M6 cage nuts. Patented Aluminum extruded welded frame with steel doors and panels.
  • Smoked Lexan® or solid doors
  • Heavy-duty casters available
  • Power Distribution Units
  • Patented high performance aluminum extruded welded frame rated at 1,200 LBS with casters, 2,500 LBS without casters
  • Air conditioner with malfunction switch and temperature display
  • Base, casters, levelers, and 3 sets of EIA 310D standard “L” shaped square hole, M6 vertical mounting rails
























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